I am a girl

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Dad warned me not to go away

But dad, I wanted to.

Mom stopped me to wear that dress

But mom, I wanted to.

I turned sixteen but still a child.

He of fourteen had all the rights.

I was not a born rebel but I was like as they wanted me.

Until I understood I was treated less than my brother.

A woman who is blessed with a miracle to give life.

Why don’t she has the right to live her life?

But now it makes me feel sick.

So sick….. So sick…..

Just because I am a poor girl. Just a poor girl.


Aurat ek jasbaat h jiske liye koi alfaaz nahi.

Aurat ek din h jiski kabhi koi raat nahi.

Aurat vo h Jo aansu bahakar bhi aansu bahati nahi.

Jiske chehre pe khushi,

Aankho m umeed ho.

Vo aurat hai Jo apni sadgi se duniya sajaati rahi.

-Bhavika Pareek